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ACTIVITIES; among the activities of the NOTA-project are:

1. Strengthen the Institutional Capacity at TaSUBa:

  • Running training workshops for TaSUBa managment
  • Running  workshops in training teachers in preparing teaching and learning resources
  • Sponsor teachers and staff at TaSUBa for postgraduate studies
  • Running a comprehensive research and documentation programme
  • Implementing and supporting various activities to have the financial capacity of TaSUBa strengthened
  • Assist in developing curricula


2. Strengthened intercultural collaboration between Tanzania and Norway

  • Running the "Ngoma"-project in primary schools in Stavanger. The three Fredskorpset-participants will visit 15-20 schools where the pupils will get an unforgettable experience of East African culture. A large number of pupils are reached this way.
  • Running a student exchanges, from Norway to Tanzania and vice versa
  • Running a artist exchanges
  • Giving students at the Department of Music and Dance at UiS the possibility for a international semester in Bagamoyo

Research and Documentation

Hussein Masimbi

Reaserch and Documentation Officer


Mob: (+255) 784 827679